I guess this all started as a child. You want to find where you belong. You want to find people who are your people. You want to find a place where they’re like you and you fit in with them. You want to feel at home and accepted for who you are. You want that familiarity of yourself in a group of people or a single person to connect with. We are all human. We want attention, affection, connection, adoration; we want it all. But it’s hard to find where you belong when you don’t even know who you are. We live in a world where we are given the idea of free speech yet through the media and society we are subconsciously silenced by what we see or hear. What we see and what we hear doesn’t match our internal thoughts therefore we are afraid to speek our option for fear of oppression and disapproval. We all want to fit in and be liked so we stray away from our core ideals to follow the crowed so we are not shunned as an outcast and put down for our thoughts we are so “free” to speak. We can’t wear this, we can’t say that, we should eat this, we should do that. ENOUGH. Why can’t we do what makes ourselves happy? Does our happiness have no value because we live to please others or are we put on this earth to please ourselves? Or are we just a chain in the cycle of life that has no meaning or purpose and we are just here to exist and not live? I’m having trouble finding who I am because I’m too busy being multiple versions of the person people think I should be.


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